Yantai Ruite Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. provides rotary door wheels. The products are one of the earliest manufacturers in China to develop and produce high quality and large specifications of polyurethane and rubber solid tires. The existing products reach the same level of quality abroad. The company uses imported chemical raw materials to carefully synthesize polyurethane prepolymer, using advanced automatic pouring equipment, strict mechanical processing and production inspection system, to ensure the stability of product quality, and withstand the test of harsh environment. Polyurethane, rubber solid tires are widely used in various warehousing, supermarkets, distribution centers for the forward forklift, narrow lane forklift, side/multi-direction forklift, electric stacker, pallet truck, pallet stacker...

  • The abrasion performance of polyurethane composite tire is 5 times higher than that of imported rubber tire.
  • High tensile strength, stretching strength is more than 1.5 times the strength of ordinary rubber tires;
  • High tear strength, the tear strength of polyurethane composite tire is more than three times that of ordinary rubber;
  • Good impact resistance, resilience and aging resistance; Good shock absorbency, good resistance to water and acid and alkali; Large load capacity and long service life;
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